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API, client, Web Account Manager

The game… I'm building a account manager, separated from the rest of the web services. But one problem… how I can manage, the API token, the client token and the web services tokens ? I don't know… bu…

By Eragon ⋅ April 22 ⋅ The adventures of a game

At the start... another game

First thing, before we go any further, English is not my native language, I'm not good in English and this blog is here to help me to do my best in English and learn. So your feedback are welcome. Now…

By Eragon ⋅ February 21 ⋅ The adventures of a game

Le retour d'un dragon...

Par hasard est-ce que ma plume reviendrait-elle par ici ?

By Eragon ⋅ February 21 ⋅ Eragon the Dragon

Hé Hé! Vive Plume!

Je viens de découvrir Plume, et... je suis paumé, vraiment paumé. J'ai beau chercher je ne trouvais pas le bouton pour créer un blog. Merci à de m'avoir expliqué,…

By Eragon ⋅ November 8 ⋅ Eragon the Dragon