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i'm moving to another instance.

I've decided to move to another instance for my blogging. Why? I just wanna 'start over' fresh. :P

By Mahaer Mahmud ⋅ November 16 ⋅ Mahaer Mahmud's Blog (in English)

Me testing the new editor

exactly what the title says.

By Mahaer Mahmud ⋅ November 3 ⋅ Mahaer Mahmud's Blog (in English)

Red Army Uniforms

All Red Army members wear the Red colour. They may also wear any clothes that they want. That's it! Yes, really!

By Mahaer Mahmud ⋅ June 9 ⋅ Club Penguin Rewritten's Red Army

Welcome to the Red Army, comrade!

Welcome to the Red Army, comrade! We are a group of of left-leaning Club Penguin Rewritten players, that have been formed to create a clan striving to help Club Penguin Island achieve Communism (as de…

By Mahaer Mahmud ⋅ June 8 ⋅ Club Penguin Rewritten's Red Army

The description of PingvenKnabo52 (My Youtube channel)

I am hosting it here, because of Youtube's character limit.

By Mahaer Mahmud ⋅ May 10 ⋅ Mahaer Mahmud's Blog (in English)