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API, client, Web Account Manager

The game… I'm building a account manager, separated from the rest of the web services. But one problem… how I can manage, the API token, the client token and the web services tokens ? I don't know… bu…

By Eragon ⋅ April 22 ⋅ The adventures of a game

At the start... another game

First thing, before we go any further, English is not my native language, I'm not good in English and this blog is here to help me to do my best in English and learn. So your feedback are welcome. Now…

By Eragon ⋅ February 21 ⋅ The adventures of a game

Mon opinion sur le Go

Pas le jeu, le langage de programmation (et ça va encore être un de ces articles qui le comparent avec le Rust)

By Ana ⋅ August 23 ⋅ // TODO: find a blog name

Following the Go tutorial on making a wiki, in Rust, using Rocket

I'll be following the Writing Web Applications tutorial, where we make a simple web server letting users view and edit a simple wiki. But instead of implementing it in Go, I'll be writing Rust 🦀! Sinc…

By Sergey Bugaev ⋅ June 18 ⋅ 3542

Understanding Rust: ownership, borrowing, lifetimes

2019 note: This is a port of an old post of mine from Medium to Plume (and the Fediverse). Although much of it still applies today, it's talking about an older version of Rust (in particular, non-lexi…

By Sergey Bugaev ⋅ April 19 ⋅ 3542

Rust Nightly, Travis CI and Code Coverage

How to setup test a Rust Nightly project with a workspace in Travis CI and collect coverage information with kcov and Codecov

By Baptiste Gelez ⋅ November 1 ⋅ Rust