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Written by EragonFebruary 21, 2020

First thing, before we go any further, English is not my native language, I'm not good in English and this blog is here to help me to do my best in English and learn. So your feedback are welcome.

Now, the blog start...

Here I'm going to speak about a game I making. I don't really know his name but I know how I want ton play to it... so I'm making it.

When I have the idea to create this game for the first time I was playing on a simple game on my calculator, a game about dragons, witches, dark and light... And... the idea to port it to WebAssembly or directly on Linux crossed my mind. I'v speak to the creator of the original game, he liked the idea, so I'v run some commands in my terminal and this adventure begin...

At start I have absolutely no idea of how to make a game... and I wanted to build it in Rust... and run it on Linux, Mac, Windows AND WebAssembly... is that too much ? Nope... Rust can do it... but there is no game engine with that support... except two... the first, the most advanced is of course Amethyst but... It use Vulkan to run on Linux... and actually my computer integrated graphic chipset... IS NOT SUPPORTED BY VULKAN... because of to old versions of OpenGL and GLES... So I'v searched and I'v found RG3D and it works on my computer... it's laggy but it works... So I choose this game engine... now i need to write the game code, create assets, textures... etc
But I don't know Blender...

And I'v wanted to create the story of the game, and create a multiplayer version of the game... so I'v created some specifications for the game, like, how you can win some XP, or how the mana is going to be used... etc
And after that... my mind has taken over to imagine the story of the game...

And now after that, I'm making a server used to log in user, add some forums, etc...

And... I know nothing in rust... I'm making my way inside this totally new language for me. I'm learning how to use Rust, how to read and write English, how to contribute to some libs by opening issues.

That's the start of this new adventure... an adventure made of unknown states, unknown languages and a new game

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